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What is an Essay?

An essay is a shorter but interpretive and literary piece of writing that tells about the subject from a limited or personal viewpoint. An essay is shorter than a thesis or dissertation, but in its formation, it resembles it. Sometimes, when professors want to test your knowledge and abilities, they assign you to write an essay. Some students are good researchers, but some aren’t good writers. Hence, UK Essays bring forward some help for these students.

These are types of essays on which you can take assistance, take a look at:

Types of Essays

The essay is not a limited term; it’s an extended term with many types. An essay can be narrative, descriptive, expository, illustrative, persuasive, reflective, personal, argumentative, and compare and contrast.

We have an expert team who can produce any essay on your demand. Here are the little details about all these types to give you a better idea about what you want from us.

Narrative Essay

Unlike the other academic writings, this type of essay allows telling a story. The writer can tell his personal experiences related to the topic in this type. There can be anecdotes followed by an explanation of how and why did the incident happen and how that incident is related to the topic you are writing about.

Descriptive Essay

In this type of essay, pupils are asked to tell any of their experiences, an object, or a place by using adjectives. A descriptive essay is like a painting where the writer draws the whole experience into the reader’s mind through his words. In this type of essay, there can be a narration of events followed by a full description.

Expository Essay

This type of essay gives factual information on a certain topic. This essay asks to write on an idea with certain evidence and then explain the idea with a personal viewpoint with certain arguments. This type of essay is usually written on social topics or current affairs.

Illustrative Essay

An illustrative is a sort of educational composition whose object is to show that a specific thing exists and acts with a particular goal in mind. An illustrative essay is otherwise called an exemplification paper. It implies that a creator needs to summarize experimental information and incorporate its definition.

Persuasive Essay

 This essay is written to persuade the reader to convince on the point presented in the essay. In this essay, the writer presents arguments to convince the reader that one idea is more powerful than the other. This type of essay is also called an argumentative essay because it presents arguments in favour and against both ideas and goes in favour of one in conclusion. It is also mostly about social issues.

Argumentative Essay

This essay presents arguments in support of a certain topic compared to the other. It requires evidence to support the writer’s point, which requires long and detailed research. So, this essay requires both the information and the evidence to convince the reader that the writer is on point.

Reflective Essay

 A reflective essay, as suggested by its name, reflects the writer’s mind and presents it to the reader. A reflective essay is an essay where the writer talks about the topic along with the personal point of view, experiences, and its effects on the writer.

Compare and Contrast

This type of essay presents two different ideas and then makes a comparison between the two. Usually, they can be two different objects or theories and so on. It also needs to be a well-researched essay because the information used to compare two things needs to be correct and up to date.

How to Write a Good Essay?

A good essay is one with all the details about the topic but doesn’t contain any unnecessary details. A good essay has a proper beginning with the introduction of the topic followed by the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the crux of the essay. Moreover, it has three to four body paragraphs which can be increased according to the topic and word limit. Body paragraphs include the details according to the type of essay and present the writer’s as well as the others’ opinions on the topic.

Afterward, the body paragraphs are followed by a well-thought conclusion. The conclusion should present the writer’s point of view clearly and concisely. If the essay has everything mentioned above, then it’s the best essay. Our team of experts knows how to make it best by using all the tools. So, be worry-free.

What do We Provide?

We are a team of professional experts who know how to satisfy the clients with the best and most unique work. Our essay writers are well-educated and well-versed individuals who know the importance of the task and give it to you within the given time. We provide:

A Well-Researched Essay

Research is very important while writing a literary essay. If the essay doesn’t have factual information, it’s of no use. Our writers are trained to do much research before writing and incorporate ideas based on facts.

A language that is Easy to Understand

Although an academic piece of writing needs to be written in a formal language that also needs to be understandable, our team members are trained to write in a language that is both formal and easily comprehendible.

Critical Thinking

This is inevitable when one needs to write an essay. Here we have the writers able to think and then write the essay critically. In this way, the point that is presented in the essay becomes more powerful.

Proper Credits and Citations

If the essay contains the research material, it needs citations and credits. Our team knows that, and we provide essays with proper citations and references.

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