Our policy for privacy stated below, discusses how we bring together and make use of the information which our customers render to us. We may change the privacy policy from time to time; however, our most up-to-date version will be promulgated live on this website. The term ‘we’ mentioned from here onward describes the Britain Paper, unless stated as otherwise.

Collection of Information

Occasionally, your personal information will be needed (for example, your name and email address, etc.) in order to use services on our website (s).

Information Confidentiality

We pride ourselves on being distinguishable from other reputed websites on the internet and, unlike them, ensure you that the information provided by you will never be disclosed to anyone or any third party.

Information Collection Regarding Visits On Our Website

When a customer visits our website, we can check out the IP address to find out their location so as to provide more tailored and customized services for them.

Personal Information Usage

We use your personal information only for communication and promotional purposes. We do not share your information with anyone else.

Access To User Information

In order to get access to your personal information, send an e-mail to our inquiry team and subject your email to the Legal Department. We reserve the right to inquire you to provide certain information to help confirm your personal identity.