Revision Policy

EUK Essays understand the needs of our clients and certainly has the idea that some projects are more complicated than others. Therefore, we provide our clients with the facility of revisions (if needed) an infinite number of times (if conditions are permissible). This provision remains valid even after the delivery date to a month or 180 days following the delivery date of the definite paper. During the stated period, the client can ask the quality control department to make the required changes or revisions. The process of doing so is simple. The client can leave an email with all the changes that are required for the writer, and the message can effectively be passed on to the writer.

In case of any bad experience such as dissatisfaction or not providing the assignment on time, we provide free revisions service. As stated earlier, we keep our clients at the heart of everything and giving them world-class experience is our objective. To avoid any inconvenience, we are stating our complete revision policy for our clients’ review and request them to have a thorough look at it.

The request for revisions must meet the following eligibility criteria,

  1. Consistent Guidelines: The user can only request a revision following the initial guidelines and directions provided when buying the assignment. For instance, the user cannot ask to modify the assignment for a different subject that had not been specified earlier.
  2. Appropriate Demand for Revisions: The client cannot ask for revisions only by informing our customer services representative. Instead, they need to draft an email stating all the revisions to be made and highlighted comments.
  3. One week’s deadline: Once the client approves the assignment, they can request modifications if required whenever they need. However, it is important to be mentioned that once the client submits a revision request, they can get the draft revised within seven days for no charge.

However, it might be the case that some drafts may require major changes. It could be because of many reasons. For any of such reasons, an additional charge is to be paid by the client depending upon the changes to be made. You can always get an estimate of the additional charges beforehand by contacting our help centre. The same also applies when the client misses the 7-day deadline for approving the request.

We do, however, understand that for large assignments, for instance, a complete thesis or paper, one week to go through it all is not enough. Therefore, all such assignments are given to the client with progressive delivery. It means that all such works are provided to the client in sections as the writer completes them. A revision request for all such works within 21 days of initial approval.

Sometimes, we also increase our deadline for submitting a revision if our writer asks. But, it strictly falls under the period our client has paid us for.

The client can also ask for a different writer to work on the modification request. This provision also comes with an extra charge because we would be paying the other writer for working on the project. Also, for any such case, the client must inform us at least 12 hours ahead of the deadline.

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